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Some Good Lines

Posted by iowaf1 on March 26, 2009

The build-up to the 2009 season has very exciting, and has led to a couple very good quotes.

Bernie Ecclestone displayed some the vicious business prowess that made him the billionaire he is today during a recent dispute with the FOTA teams.  The teams were trying to collect on some money owed to them by CVC, the bank that owns about 75% of Formula 1’s holding company, for the 2006, 2007, and 2008 seasons.  Bernie pointed out a contractual obligation saying this money wouldn’t be paid until all the competing parties had signed up a for a new Concourde agreement.  When the teams threatened to not put their cars on the planes to Australia, Bernie called their bluff and sent word to cancel the planes.  In the end, all the cars arrived in Melbourne and Bernie later voiced his feelings about the teams ‘threats’…

“If they come in here with a gun to my head, they had better be sure they can f***ing pull the trigger. And they should make sure it’s got bullets in it because, if they miss, they better look out.”

James Allen, a Formula 1 journalist for ITV-F1 also writes for his own blog where he recently made a very nice observation that is rather universally applicable.

“There’s a great book for parents of young boys, called “Raising Boys’ by a Steve Biddulph. As a parent of two boys I have read it closely.

One of the key premises in the book is that boys, unlike girls, are quite straight forward. They will behave themselves and fall into line as long as three key elements are clear to them

1. Who’s in charge?
2. What are the rules?
3. Will those rules be fairly applied?

I actually think that things don’t change much when boys become men and a lot of what happens in the world’s trouble spots reflects the fact that something has broken down in this schematic, usually when boys/men perceive that there is some kind of vacuum or uncertainty.”


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